KENT — The town was awarded a half-million-dollar grant in early November to renovate its sidewalks.

Several blocks of sidewalk, which First Selectman Bruce Adams called a safety hazard and unpleasant looking, will be redone. The town has yet to decide how, he said.

The state grant, from Main Street Investment Fund, will allow the town to replace several blocks of its asphalt sidewalks with paved concrete and new curbs, Adams said. It will be up to the town’s Streetscape Committee to decide which blocks will be redone, and how the new sidewalks will look, he added.

The Streetscape Committee has been asked to come up with two plans for the money, and will present them at upcoming Board of Selectmen meetings.

There is no timetable for completion of the project, Adams said.

“It’s all very preliminary, of course,” he said. “But it’s very exciting.”