KCS eighth graders take their bow

Awards and certificates of graduation from Center School were received June 20 by 21 Kent students during a drive-up ceremony at the school.

Graduates are Tristan Blore, Samuel Booth, Nicholas Chavka, Taylor Christen, Nicholas Dorn, Marra Elsesser, Skylar Fitch, Kara Franks, Adrienne Hall, Gage Heebner, Theodore Hicks, Harold Hoadley, Lanna Kennedy, Shane Miller, Sydney Parsons, Carl Posse, Sophia Rousseau, Zachary Thompson, Isaac Watkins, Ashley Wilkins and Eason Zhang.

Numerous awards were presented during the ceremony. They are as follows:

Norman Stoddard Sports Award: Ashley Wilkins and Austin Hoadley.

Principal’s Award: Eason Zhang.

Classroom Art Award: Kara Franks.

Classroom Music Award: Austin Hoadley.

Chorus Award: Ashley Wilkins.

Drama Award: Lanna Kennedy.

English Award: Marra Elsesser.

French Award: Austin Hoadley.

Instrumental Music Award: Ashley Wilkins.

Math Award: Kara Franks.

Physical Education Award: Austin Hoadley.

Science Award: Adrienne Hall.

Social Studies Award: Austin Hoadley.

Computer Science Award: Marra Elsesser.

Library Award: Marrsa Elsesser.

Viafore-Samartini artsAlive@KCS Award: Marra Elsesser.

American Legion Award: Kara Franks and Austin Hoadley.

Lions Club Award: Samuel Booth.

Gail Osolin Leo Award: Nicholas Chavka.

David Armstrong Art Award: Sydney Parsons.

Essayists: Kara Franks and Marra Elsesser.

President’s Award for Educational Excellence: Marra Elsesser, Austin Hoadley and Ashley Wilkins.