June 9 storms declared a tornado

Photo of Robert Miller

The severe storms that ripped through the Greater New Milford area and neighboring towns this month included a tornado that touched down in Brookfield and New Milford before skipping over to Woodbury.

Bill Jacquemin, chief meteorologist with the Connecticut Weather Center in Danbury, said investigations showed the storm, which hit Brookfield, dropped down into Carmen Hill Road in New Milford, skipped across the Housatonic River valley to the Pumpkin Hill Road section of New Milford, then showed up as a funnel cloud in Roxbury and in Woodbury -- where it was captured on video -- was one storm cell that moved through the region.

While there were also severe micro-burst activities, Mr. Jacquemin said the downed trees showed the storm had torn them up in a counter-clockwise pattern, which indicates a tornado.

"Micro-bursts tend to push down trees in one direction, and then tend to pull trees up by the roots or break them off on the base," he said. "Tornadoes break trees off halfway up. We saw that.''