Jewish Federation expresses solidarity with Israel in response to recent violence

Jewish Federation of Western CT

Jewish Federation of Western CT


LITCHFIELD COUNTY — The Jewish Federation of Western Connecticut sent the following release in response to last week’s violence, generated after Hamas fired seven rockets at Jerusalem and dozens more at southern Israel. The fighting that took place between Israel and Hamas was the most intense since 2014.

The Jewish Federation of Western Connecticut, which supports the Litchfield and surrounding towns, stands with Israel in its efforts to safeguard its citizens from thousands of rockets launched from Gaza targeting Israeli civilian populations centers.

We mourn the loss of civilians on all sides of the conflict and hope that there will a quick resolution to the conflict, one that will safeguard Israel in the future. We also understand that Israel has no option but to defend its citizens and to limit the ability of Hamas to carry out these attacks.

Too often, press accounts on the conflict focus only on casualty numbers and gloss over the central point that one side of the conflict is led by Hamas, a genocidal terrorist organization whose principal reason for existence is to destroy Israel.

Israel, on the other hand, is required to do what is necessary to ensure that Hamas will not succeed. Our Federation understands this central point and it is our job to help others understand it as well.

Thankfully, Iron Dome, which was implemented with vital support from the United States, is limiting Israeli casualties to this point. However, that does not change the grievous nature of the actions of Hamas.

We also understand that limiting the casualties does not solve the problem or mean that Israel and its civilian population are not suffering horribly in the face of the rocket attacks.

We know that hundreds of thousands of people are forced to run to shelters, and stay in lock down, at a moment’s notice. We know that many people, especially children, suffer PTSD as a result of these attacks. We know that Hamas also sends incendiary devices to Israel to burn forests and farms in Israel.

These are just some of the ramifications of the hatred represented by Hamas, whose use of terror only serves to thwart the aspirations of the people it purports to represent and undermine prospects for a lasting peace. Still, we know that Israel will continue to survive and thrive.

So, to all Israelis, we say: We feel your pain, and we admire your resolve.

Gary Jones Executive Director - Jewish Federation of Western CT Pauline Zimmerman President - Jewish Federation of Western CT