A square with the words “Donate Life” has a special meaning for the Kozo family.

The family shares the poignant message about organ donation via the “Donate Life” logo not only in the community, but through their business, JBM Carting in New Milford.

“Organs get recycled,” said Andy Kozo, tearing up as he began to share the story of his middle son’s lifelong heart condition that led to a successful heart transplant in February.

It seems fitting, then, that the message appears on the garbage company’s vehicles and garbage and recycling carts.

“They’re the best,” said customer Lisa Agee, of New Milford, citing their “accommodating” customer service.

“You don’t want to compromise customer service for price,” said customer Wendy Del Monte, of New Milford. “And you get the best customer service by a New Milford family” with JBM.

“They get to know their customers and they care about them,” she said.

For the past seven years, Andy and his wife, Donna, operated a dumpster roll-off company. They decided to expand their services earlier this year and rename the company JBM Carting, named for their three children, Jeff, Brian and Mike.

“We’re looking forward to growing,” said Andy, who has 34 years in the garbage industry.

The company offers weekly home trash and single-stream recycling pickup, bulk pickup, business dumpsters and roll-off services.

“It’s a hometown business,” Andy said of the company that serves New Milford, Brookfield, Bridgewater and, added recently, Washington and Sherman.

The Kozos pride themselves in being a family business. Donna works in the office, and Andy and youngest son Mike are behind the wheel. Jeff created the company logo and Brian’s health condition sparked the company to showcase the “Donate Life” slogan.

The Kozos praised Mike for being well versed in the business and able to handle the day-to-day activities should they need to step away to help Brian, who at birth was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (see sidebar, this page).

“We’re old school,” Andy said, referring to how he and Mike manually toss garbage and recycling into the trucks, rather than use an automated system. “If something spills out of a bag, it’s picked up.”

Customer service is key, according to Donna.

JBM Carting provides each customer with a 96-gallon trash cart and a 64-gallon recycling cart. Customers also have the option to use their own container, Donna said, noting some customers might have a small amount of trash or can’t bring the cart to the curb.

Agee praised JBM for going above and beyond to find the appropriate sized dumpster for their dual needs as a residential customer and business.

She said the dumpster they had for 15 years with another company was an eyesore in an awkward location on their property. But when they became JBM customers, the Kozos placed the dumpster in an unobtrusive location.

“They’ll stop by and do whatever you need,” she said.

For more information about JBM Carting, call 860-350-2378 or visit their Facebook page.