'It felt good to know that someone understood my situation'

[The following letter was written to Senator Craig Miner by Nancy Banffy of South Kent.]

I am writing to you today to personally thank your Legislative Aide, Daniel Davis, on a job so well accomplished. More often that not, we hear of people not living up to the expectations of their job, so, it is with that preface that I am writing to acknowledge Mr. Davis’ efficient job performance.

I think the State of Connecticut needs to know that there are government officials looking out for them.

I am a single mother of two boys and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist who was furloughed in mid March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have worked as a Registered Nurse and as a CRNA in this state for over 25 years. I applied for unemployment as instructed to do, however, I did not receive funds for over eight weeks.

During this time, while still filing claims, I relentlessly tried to contact the Department of Labor via phone and email to no avail. I was certain there must have been a simple filing mistake that could be corrected easily.

I also understood the gravity this pandemic had on the DOL and tried to remain patient, but trying to care for my boys, myself and my financial obligations was getting very difficult. I borrowed money from family and friends to get by.

It was suggested to me that I reach out to government officials to try to help me get through to the DOL. I did just that and Mr. Davis promptly took down my story and information and got to the bottom of the problem. I had unemployment funds within two weeks of speaking to Mr. Davis.

While I understand these times are unprecedented and affect everyone in different ways, Mr. Davis took the time to treat me as an individual with sincerity, thoroughness and efficiency. It felt good to know that someone understood my situation and was vested in helping me. It is this job performance I want you to be aware of.

Nancy Marika Banffy

South Kent