To the Editor:

Once again, we are being assaulted by someone who wants to encroach upon our lives in order to enrich their coffers at the expense of our health.

This is apparently being condoned/supported both by our mayor and the economic council. How sad.

Many years ago I sat out front of the supermarket and collected signatures to defeat a company (SEMPRA) that wanted to build a generating station at the northern end of Candlewood Lake.

They came to town and tried to sell us a bill of goods about how their generator would not adversely affect our lives and our health.

To further add to the insult, they were going to let us decide on the color of the 200-foot chimneys that were necessary to carry away the noxious gases and particulate that would result as a part of the burning of natural gas.

They also said that they would employ a large number of people to operate the plant and also to build it.

The truth turned out to be that they would not employ local help at all but would bring in all of the employees from out of state and that upon completion they would employ as few as seven people to run this highly automated plant …. none of whom would be from New Milford.

In addition, they would not sell any of the cheaper electric to us but would already have sold it to industrial users.

We spent almost a year and over $500,000 on legal fees to stop them.

Our efforts were aided by no less then-Sen. Blumenthal and then-Rep. Chris Murphy.

We ran bake sales and all numbers of programs to generate funds to pay the legal fees.

Diane Von Furstenburg, as well as a host of other dignitaries who believed that this generating station would be detrimental to all of our citizens, supported us.

New Milford is known to the state agencies as a non-attainment area. This means that we are already saturated with poisons from as far away as Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and, of course, New York, therefore we can tolerate no more.

In my recent meeting with Mayor Gronbach, he alluded to the situation as being still not totally firmed up.

But I have since learned that as far as he and the economic council are concerned this is a done deal.

Remember these people will go back to Texas when this is over and leave us with what?

I wish to send a message to both our mayor and the economic council.

Stop pandering to PANDA and remember that the health of our people has to be paramount in your minds, not how much prestige you will garner so as to save the taxpayers a few dollars, not how much money this company is willing to spend to further their financial gains.

This onslaught is no different than SEMPRA’s.

Remember the people of New Milford have the last word. No! No! No!

Robert Bernhardt

New Milford