To the Editor:

The Kent Memorial Library and the Kent Library Association want to thank all of the public who responded to our Library Survey this spring.

Over the past 20 years or so, libraries have changed dramatically from being repositories of cultural, historical and recreational reading materials to adding new services that provide access to the world, whether on a library computer, through online access from home or on personal devices users bring with them.

Libraries are vital community centers that provide programs to serve the needs of the community, and they are there to serve everyone.

Kent Memorial Library has worked hard to serve the people of Kent through new and traditional ways.

The purpose of the survey was to make sure the people of Kent are being well served and to see what changes could be made to increase the library’s value to the community as it moves into the future.

The library was happy to see that 200 people took the time and care to complete the survey, whether online or in print.

The responses were overwhelmingly positive, especially in regards to the library staff.

The book sale, a critical source of funding for the library, was also quite popular. While most people thought the library hours were fine, there were those who asked for an increase.

Respondents often noted a desire for additional programs and a larger collection of books and other materials. While most of the respondents have library cards, many are not members of the Kent Library Association

The KLA is critical to the operation of the library, as it provides a significant and essential part of the library’s budget. Without the KLA, the library would be unable to provide many of the services the public enjoys.

The library and the KLA will take careful note of the findings of the survey and will endeavor to provide the response the people of Kent deserve. Additional summer hours and more senior programs will be among the ideas we will explore.

Some changes will be relatively easy to make, while others will take great effort and financial resources. Thank you all, again!

Carol Linn

Chairwoman, Kent Memorial Library board’s Outreach Committee

Kent Memorial Library

board of directors