To the Editor:

Julia's Wings soared through the streets of Kent at the launch event of Julia's Wings Foundation during the Kent Pumpkin Run.

Team Julia was out in full force Oct. 27 with more than 250 runners/walkers in the sea of 700.

White jerseys with the Aplastic Anemia awareness ribbon on the front and wings on the back could be seen in every direction. That Sunday afternoon in the town of Kent, we were united for a cause, and brought together in memory of Julia her fight and her story.

Not only did we raise awareness of Aplastic Anemia, but our foundation raised more than $42,000.

We are so appreciative of the support and generosity of our donors, supporters and participants.

The energy of the day was tangible and felt by all.

Sherman resident Rowland Hanley stated "My good childhood friend who lives in Kent said he's never seen anything like it. We are inspired and humbled by your commitment and energy to making the world a better place."

Sherman resident Jason McKinnon shared "I have participated in the pumpkin run for the last few years. However, today was special. Team Julia inspired so many people and brought an entire community together around the courageous story of your daughter. Please accept my gratitude and appreciation. I will support your team and cause again next year."

All proceeds raised will go directly to assisting families with children currently battling this horrible disease and also funding much needed research.

Every dollar raised is so important. We are working in partnership with Boston Children's Hospital and eventually with CCMC. They were two institutions that provided quality care for Julia during her year-long illness.

The need for assistance for a hematological disease is so great. We are also working with the Hematology Department at Boston Children's to create a viable research project for idiopathic pneumonia syndrome.

We are so excited to help others and make a difference with this disease that took Julia from us.

We are so thankful to our sponsors for making this event possible and to all those who participated and so generously donated.

Julia led by example. She taught us how to endure the profane with grace and fortitude. We will continue to walk in her footsteps.

With endless thanks and appreciation.

Heather, Mike,

Alyssa and Julia