ANSONIA — Several pedestrians were struck by a car at the Stop & Shop on Division Street Sunday.

According to a post on the Ansonia Rescue and Medical Services Facebook page, “a vehicle lost control and struck several people on the sidewalk. One patient in particular was caught between the vehicle and a structural beam on the building, causing a significant leg injury.”

The post said that police officer Mike Castillo was first on scene and used his personal tourniquet to control bleeding until Ansonia Rescue and Medical Services arrived on scene.

Other responders “provided skilled care to prevent further blood loss; all involved potentially saved this patient’s life.”

While this was taking place, a second ambulance treated and transported the driver of the vehicle for injuries sustained. A third ambulance treated and transported another pedestrian injured in the crash with a head injury.

When contacted, Ansonia Police confirmed there had been an accident but didn’t provide any details and said more likely wouldn’t be available until Monday.