Information sought from Kent veterans

The Kent Veterans Memorial Committee is conducting research to identify individuals who entered the military during peacetime and are interested in their names being added to monuments in town.

The committee will need a copy of an individual’s DD-214 or other evidence that they served.

The committee has, based on its previous criteria for inclusion on the monuments, specified that Kent citizens at the time of enlistment who entered the military service during peace time were not eligible to have their names listed.

However, the Kent Veterans Committee did approve the statement on the stone in front of the monument: “To Honor all Kent Veterans who defended our country during peace and war.”

Due to recent changes by the American Legion and government guidelines, the town will now add the names of Kent residents who entered the military during peacetime to our monument.

In July, the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and President Donald Trump signed the Legion Act, S.504.

The American Legion has amended its charter, USC Section 21703-Regarding membership.

An individual is eligible for membership in the American Legion if he or she served in the Armed Forces of the United States at any time from April 6, 1917, through November 11, 1918, or any time after December 7, 1941 to the present, was a citizen of the United States when the individual entered the service, and was honorably discharged or separated from that service or continues to serve honorably during or after that period of time.

Veterans during peace time who would like to have their names added to the monuments should contact chairman Andy Ocif at 860-927-3318, Secretary Charlotte Lindsey or Dick Lindsey at 860-927-3724, Tom Page at 860-927-4092, Bill or Patti Case at 860-927-4084 or Michael VanValkenburg at 860-927-3086.