To the Editor:

In June, a deranged individual targeted and shot at Republican members of Congress as they practiced for a bipartisan baseball game.

Whether Republican or Democrat, the violence with which people speak of our politics and our politicians will continue to spill over into physical violence and attacks.

The decent response in the face of such violence is for leaders of both parties to point out that our differences, which may seem wide, pale in comparison to our similarities as Americans.

Instead, Michael Barnes, the chairman of the New Milford Republican Town Committee, commented, “(Sen.) Murphy’s lucky the guy was a left-wing nut job and not a right-wing nut job. He would have been first in the cross hairs.”

I don’t know what is served by such comments. The conversation about violence against politicians is not elevated by such comments.

The toxic tone of political discourse is elevated by Mr. Barnes’ comments.

Outspoken politicians are already “in the crosshairs.” I expect Mr. Barnes and people involved in politics, on both sides of the aisle, to condemn the violence and if you choose to disagree, then disagree passionately, vigorously, but respectfully.

Peter Mullen


New Milford Democratic Town Committee