To the Editor:

I’m excited about the new updates to the New Milford Public Library and want to share some of my own hopes for the new building.

As a homeschool student who lives in town and uses the library frequently for leisurely reading and a quiet spot for study work, or class time with my tutor, I am hoping for a couple new things too.

My mom prefers Bridgewater and Washington libraries for my younger siblings because of their children’s section, with their bean bags chairs for reading nooks etc.

I would like to see New Milford library have a bigger one with the same accommodations.

I like New Milford library better because of its activities like movie/game nights and crafts, and would like it if my mom went here more often than the surrounding libraries.

From what I’ve heard from employees of the library is that there may be another floor and they’re going to remodel the front face of the library.

My friend and neighbor, Julie Weyant, also a homeschooling mom, has been using the library for almost 30 years and has seen what the library was and has become.

She hopes the face of the library isn’t very modern so it doesn’t stick out to our historic Green and that the revitalized library will attract more kids to come use the books more than they do now.

Mrs. Weyant would also like the library to have more of a cubical room so you can read or study in private versus being in the open feeling like you’re being watched by everyone else in the room.

These are the hopes my friend and I have for the revitalization of the library.

Dominic Prescott

New Milford