'I commend the end result' of Barton House Commons

To the Editor:

I must comment on last week’s letter by Susan N. Kustosz.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion on color choices for buildings and such.

Her comment concerning the Barton House color choices and lack of a review board, however, must be addressed.

Although there are no rules as to paint colors for our very loosely defined Historic Village Center Zone, there has been very close involvement of the building of the Barton House Commons by both the New Milford Trust for Historic Preservation and the Connecticut Historic Trust.

The Barton House would have been torn down if not for these two organizations.

She thought that perhaps “white siding and black shutters might be a better choice” is exactly what historic preservation groups frown upon.

The owners of Barton House Commons have sided in wood and have chosen historic colors that have been approved by the local and state trusts.

I commend the end result of this adaptive reuse of a historical structure.

If not for the involvement of preservation groups and concerned townspeople this could have been a demolition instead.

Loretta Kretchko


New Milford Trust for Historic Preservation.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Second vice president

New Milford Historical Society & Museum

Historic home owner in the Village Center Historic District