To the Editor:

I want to thank Tom Morey for his June 5 letter in The Spectrum.

I don’t know if he was writing on behalf of Mayor Pat Murphy’s administration or not, but, since our leaders have been so quiet on the many issues facing this town, at least he takes a position.

The administration and people running this town seem to believe failure to use your voice at every opportunity somehow results in its forfeiture.

For those of us who have tried to present facts and opinions that conflict with the administration, we know the futility of such efforts and the scorn, if not outright hostility, that invariably results.

The townspeople rallying behind me in my campaign for mayor are tired of opposing points of view being treated like declarations of war.

Even worse is when the citizens of this town are simply ignored.

Which brings me to the point of this coming election.

I am not running to influence the mayor or any board member’s decision going forward, although the administration has recently adopted proposals that Democrats have pushed for years.

Rather, the Democratic slate of candidates and I are running to replace the administration and lead this town ourselves.

We are living in a town that has changed more in the past 12 years than it had inmany years prior.

This election is about whether we stay on the course that’s been chartered by this administration, or whether we stand up for our town to make it a place where people can visit, live and stay.

I can see why our town government is considered “tricky.”

The way money appears for some causes and disappears for others seems magical at times.

We are offering to demystify the way our town works; restore independence to the boards and commissions that are an important part of our government; and foster a relationship where you may not agree with a decision, but you will know why it is being made.

While I’m running as a Democrat, this election is not about parties or “us” vs. “them,” although Mr. Morey is quick to play the tax card.

My supporters include Independents and Republicans who recognize the town we live in today is not the town that it could and should be.

That is what this election is about; I’m asking for all likeminded townspeople, no matter your party, to support me and vote for me Nov. 3.

David Gronbach


candidate for mayor

New Milford