To the editor:

It's apparent that my letter regarding the iron birdcage on the New Milford Village Green has touched a few nerves.

Mr Lewin changes the subject into a personal attack on me and the Historic Trust.

In contrast, Terry Pelligrini, along with Tom Pilla, have done much to improve and maintain the beauty of the Green, particularly in their very sensitive restoration of the very building that houses Tivoli, as well as Mr Pelligrini's office at the top of the Green.

Both have spent considerable money restoring these properties.

That being said, I would think it all the more important to maintain those high standards when it comes to new construction right on the Green.

Contrary to what Mr Lewin would have us believe, the birdcage is not going to morph into an iron butterfly if we wait around long enough. It will remain an eyesore until someday it goes away, maybe to New Orleans to retire.

New Milford is not Paris or Egypt and we are not talking about the Eiffel Tower or the Pyramids.

We are talking about the Green, the only green the town has and, as such, should be protected. Mr Pelligrini's laissez faire policy toward the Green, as stated in his letter, essentially says anything should be allowed on the Green. Hey, there's already a hodgepodge of architecture in the center of town so why not an Eiffel Tower or a pyramid or Sphinx?

Oh, they already have done that and it's called Las Vegas.

The issue is not me, it's the Green and the noble obligation we have to protect and keep it beautiful for future generations.

The insidious nibbling away at the village center will ultimately destroy this most important asset which happens to be the very heart of the town.

Charles Raymond