After weeks of waiting, New Milford Zoning Commission members took a look Tuesday at the design plans for a new parking lot configuration at Hill and Plain School.

The design was implemented to make parents' student pickup parents safer, separating where buses line up and where parents' vehicles enter and exit the site.

Designed by Bart Clark, P.E., of Oakwood Environmental Associates, the newly configured lot would have two entrances 24-feet wide.

The driveway would be positioned along Old Town Park Road. Buses would line up on the interior area of the lot, while parents' vehicles would travel one way into a separated pick-up and drop-off lane and directly out onto Old Park Lane Road.

That lane would have six parking spaces. Student pickup would be moved to a side entrance of the building.

"The problem we have now is that buses and parents' vehicles are inter-mingling in the parking lot," said John Calhoun, the school district's facilities manager representing the Board of Education.

The new lot would have a rubber-based pavement, creating a purvious surface. It would add 36 parking spaces, with two handicapped spaces close to the building.

Mr. Clark's design includes three rain gardens, with wildflower plantings and shrubs. It would save two mature maples along Old Town Park Road and all but three pine trees on site.

Red oak, mountain laurel, Irish blueberry and Nine Bark shrubs already there would be maintained and enhanced, Mr. Clark explained.

Zoner Sharon Ward applauded the design.

"It looks like this would be much safer," she said.

The Zoning Commission has until Nov. 9 to render an approval. Input from the town engineer is pending.