To the Editor:

These two words, “thank you,” don’t convey the depth of gratitude for my supporters and those that believe what I have to offer meets the needs of New Milford residents.

This is first time a petitioning candidate has won their bid for a seat on Town Council — and it’s because of you.

This is a wakeup call for many - there is not only a place, but a growing demand for focusing on the issues, being understated and personally gracious.

We can be passionate about our ideas and ideals, and our town, while not bowing to personal attacks and misinformation.

I hope this also demonstrates to those who want to serve that if you want to make a difference and get involved, you absolutely can.

As a town we need that next generation of leaders coming into the process - on boards and committees, in elected positions, everywhere.

Businesses do this, have a roadmap for succession planning, and we as a town need to do it as well to ensure we have the best leaders and brightest minds working on today’s issues and projects for the future.

I am humbled and honored at this opportunity to listen and serve New Milford residents. Thank you for your confidence and trust.

Lisa C. Hida

New Milford