Distance may separate some family members, but the love they have for one another cannot keep them apart.

On March 4, Nellie "Dee Dee" Streeter was showered with love from her family near and far.

During her 105th birthday party in New Milford, she received Skype video calls on a computer from loved ones in Canada and Italy.

"You look beautiful, Dee Dee," said Mrs. Streeter's granddaughter, Kim Gerson Sillcox, via Skype, along with her husband, Scott, and children, Carly and Kai, in Toronto.

The Sillcox family made a video call to Mrs. Streeter's granddaughter, Katie Fisk Natale of New Hartford, who organized the small family party at Mrs. Streeter's residence, Candlewood Valley Health & Rehabilitation Center.

Mrs. Streeter was joined by her daughter, Ellen Delano, and her partner, Fred Rollenhagen, of Vermont, Mrs. Natale and her husband, Justin, and her daughter-in-law, Mary Sue Gerson, of Bridgewater.

Balloons reading "A hug for you," "I love you" and "Happy birthday" bobbed around Mrs. Streeter during the video call.

"Those are our sentiments exactly," Mrs. Sillcox said of the balloons' messages.

Within a few minutes, the Sillcox family celebrated Mrs. Streeter's milestone in their own way -- toasting with ginger ale and eating chocolate cheesecake -- as family in New Milford toasted with champagne and ate birthday cake.

"May we all be here next year to toast 106," said Mrs. Sillcox, who was wearing a sweater her grandmother had made for her, during her toast.

A few minutes before the call, Mrs. Streeter's niece, Daisy Cabrini, made a video call to Mrs. Natale from Italy.

Apparently full of joy, Mrs. Streeter, who turned 105 March 5, opened her eyes wide and listened to the sentiments shared in German/Swiss German.

Mrs. Natale lovingly leaned toward her grandmother, cupped her face and gave her a kiss on the forehead as Mrs. Delano held her mother's hand.

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