Rachel Spillane doesn't really care about the critics' less-than-positive opinion of the just released, straight-to-DVD movie "The Six Wives of Henry Lefay."

She is a fan because the movie, featuring comedian Tim Allen and a cast of well-known actors, was filmed in her hometown and much of the action centers around the law offices of her husband, Phil Spillane, as well as the New Milford Village Green.

In one scene, some of the film's female stars, including Jenna Elfman, run in high heels along a Bank Street sidewalk.

"It's a really cute movie,'' Rachel Spillane said. "I think it's well done. I'm surprised it didn't make it into the theaters. It's humorous.''

The comedic farce, about a man presumed dead and squabbles over his funeral among his daughter, his wife and his many ex-wives, may not have been deemed big-screen worthy, but many New Milford residents are eager to see it.

"It's got a few laughs in it. It's a light comedy, as expected,'' Mr. Spillane said.

He is in a couple of scenes, including one where he is ogling the voluptuous Ms. Elfman as she steps out of a limousine.

Mr. Spillane said he is happy he can now answer the question posed to him time and again since the fall of 2007: "When is your movie coming out?''

Mayor Patricia Murphy said she has yet to see the film but remembers Tim Allen visiting her office, where she gave him a key to the town.

"I'm going to have to buy a copy just for the pictures of our downtown,'' the mayor said.

New Milford Film Commission chairman Keli Solomon said she is impressed with previews she has seen.

"The trailer (preview) is 100 percent New Milford, and the Green looks beautiful. Everything looks gorgeous,'' Solomon said.

Last week, the Film Commission discussed whether there might be a way to celebrate the occasion of the film's release.

Ms. Solomon said she has asked the Bank Street Theater whether it might offer a screening of the movie, but a decision had not been reached last week. The theater must get the filmmakers' permission.

"It will be fun to see some of our locals in it, as well as those who were on standby,'' Ms. Solomon said.

She noted area residents will likely also enjoy picking out familiar places. One scene was filmed in Roxbury.

Ms. Solomon and the Spillanes hope a public event can be arranged, possibly as a benefit for local charities.

"That would be awesome,'' Mr. Spillane said.