HeartSpace Studio offers 'peace of mind'

Healing, inspiration, empowerment and self-care.

Those are four components of what Lisa Lent hopes she can provide for and educate clients about at her new business, the HeartSpace Studio for Healing Arts in New Milford, which opened Aug. 1.

Lent offers intuitive and therapeutic massage, and holistic health advocacy at the studio on the second floor of 42 Main St., which is also home to GeronNursing & Respite Care.

She will begin weekly meditation, a monthly women’s circle and a men’s group in September.

“It’s a place to support the healing arts,” said Lent, who obtained her massage therapy license from New York College of Health Profession in Long Island in 2011.

Lent describes the studio — painted a blue reminiscent of ocean waters, accented by rich browns and creams, and messages of “peace” and “love” on the walls — as a collaborative space, where she welcomes other practitioners of the healing arts to share their knowledge and services.

Sarah Brunelle, of Pawling, N.Y., sought holistic alternatives to address health issues, including migraines, earlier this year. Lent put Brunelle “on a path to wellness that has drastically changed my life for the better,” she said.

“She is a phenomenal massage therapist — I’ve never had a better massage in my life —and my migraines are few and far between now,” Brunelle said.

Michele Rybos Mattice, of Sherman, has been a client of Lent’s for about a year and a half.

“It’s partly for peace of mind,” she said of why she regularly gets a massage. “And it helps alleviate the problem areas” she has in her neck, shoulders and back.

Mattice praised Lent for incorporating stretching into massage and keeping up with various modalities.

After working in office administration for several years, Lent found she missed the physical labor of organic farming, which she had pursued while living in California after college, and sought a license in massage therapy.

She is a Swedish classic massage therapist trained in medicinal massage. Part of her education was in traditional Chinese theory.

Lent worked for Massage Envy for six years before opening her own business, while also working at Touch of Summer and New Morning Market Vitality Center in Woodbury.

The self-described “reborn country girl” — having been born and raised in Queens, N.Y., but at home in New Milford — emphasized the benefits of massage and its role in holistic health.

She stressed how massage is part of self-care and self-love, two things many people neglect in today’s busy world.

Lent said it’s easy for individuals to be “disconnected from our bodies,” in part because many people aren’t used to, or don’t feel they deserve to feel good.

However, “massage is one of most valuable mind, body, heart connections,” she said.

In general, massage releases muscle tension, increases range of motion, promotes relaxation and relieves stress.

Lent related how massage “is amazing for anxiety and depression,” not just physical ailments.

In the past, Lent, a dancer, offered movement classes to teach individuals how to stretch and give range of motion. For now, though, posture awareness training and education will be one on one.

Common ailments such as neck and shoulder aches often lead clients — including teens through adults —to Lent’s door. Others seek her expertise when other treatments they have tried have failed.

Having experienced migraines for many years and finding healing through alternative modalities, Lent said she listens closely to client’s needs and concerns, and has open communication with clients.

“It’s about listening and responding,” Lent said, adding each client has a customized treatment based on their needs.

Brunelle said Lent is “very intuitive and knows exactly what areas to work on without me even telling her.”

Brunelle said Lent has provided her with healing on multiple levels. “She constantly empowers me through our conversations and has helped me realize the importance of self-love and self-care,” she said.

“It is a tough and challenging journey that I’m on,” she said. “Lisa’s unwavering support and compassion have helped me beyond words. She has so much knowledge, love and wisdom to share with the world.”

The HeartSpace Studio for Healing Arts is located at 42 Main St. in New Milford. For more information, visit www.intuitivemovementct.com or call 860-605-4043.