To the Editor:

Dear friends, I am writing to you today about an outstanding candidate for first selectman in Bridgewater.

Her name is Nancy Hawley.

I have known Nancy Hawley and her family for many years. She is one of the most honest, ethical people I have ever met.

Nancy is a tireless public servant who has served Bridgewater as a member of the Board of Finance and in a variety of other volunteer capacities.

Nancy Hawley understands the challenges that Bridgewater faces. She has a plan to protect and preserve Bridgewater's small-town character and, at the same, modernize town operations.

She also understand the financial pressures that seniors and families are facing in Bridgewater and has a plan to keep spending down.

As an active and engaged parent, Nancy understands the importance of a strong educational system to preserve property values and to set our children on the path to academic excellence.

Over the years, I have been around a lot of candidates for public office, I can tell you it is clear Nancy has the right blend of skills to lead Bridgewater into the next decade.

Please join me in supporting Nancy Hawley for first selectman.

She will make an outstanding leader.

Mark Boughton