The Harts Gallery in New Milford will conclude its exhibit, “Civilized Adults,” May 21.

The show features works by American artist Ed McGowin.

Between 1970-72, McGowin changed his name a dozen times and has been creating works of art for his 12 selves ever since.

The Name Change project began as a way for McGowin to explore a theory he had about the way art history would evolve.

“I developed this theory as a means of freeing myself from a system that I found frustrating as a young artist at the beginning of my career: that my work should develop as a linear chain-link model with each creation leading logically to the next,” McGowin wrote.

“Instead, I preferred to envision my work as a three-dimensional sphere getting larger over time,” he said.

As McGowin continued to produce paintings, sculpture, installations, and a range of mixed media work under each moniker for the past 45 years, his 12 artists have varied widely in their own careers: McDuff, one of the 12, is long deceased, while Thorton Modestus Dossett has built up an impressive CV, exhibiting at numerous galleries and institutions.

For his show at the Harts Gallery, McGowin will present the work of four artists: Euri Ignatius Everpure, Nicholas Gregory Nazianzen, Thorton Modestus Dossett and Ingram Andrew Young.

The 20 Bank Street gallery is open Thursdays through Saturdays from noon to 8 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 3 p.m.

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