Harrybrooke Park & Harden House Museum in New Milford will offer a book signing and art exhibit Nov. 4 from 2 to 5 p.m.

Noted author T.M. Novak will sell and sign copies of her book “The Abduction of Lilly Waters,” a fast-paced child abduction thriller filled with twists, turns and true anticipation.

Novak is a psychological thriller/YA mystery writer.

The book is her debut novel, with more expected to follow.

A Connecticut resident and single mother of four boys, Novak is most acclaimed for her children’s book “The Big Green Dinosaur” whose adventures teach children the importance of caring for the planet

All children in attendance will receive a free “green gift” from the author.

Both books will be for sale at the signing.

This event will also feature an exhibit of drawings and paintings by New Milford resident Dee Dee Calvey, an artist, musician and Tai Chi instructor.

Calvey is known for her use of light and color as well as her use of symbols in the negative spaces.

Hidden images will appear upon deeper examination.

Calvey has completed portraits of people, pets and homes, and has been commissioned for various art projects.

“The Hardens left this museum as a tribute to the arts and we are fortunate to have these two wonderful artists join us for an afternoon,” said ” stated Billy Buckbee, the park’s executive director.

“This celebration of the arts would make the Hardens quite happy to see and we are proud to showcase two exceptional representations of something they cherished so dearly,” he said.

The park is located off Still River Drive.

For more information, call 860-799-6520.