'Happy to see' river trail come to town

To the Editor:

I ride a bicycle, and I am very happy to see that New Milford is finally getting it together with the creation of a trail along the river on Young’s Field Road.

Thank you, New Milford River Trail members for doing so much to bring this gift to the town.

The new trail, once it’s done in the spring, will make it so much nicer for those of us who like to get outside, enjoy the riverfront, and get some exercise, too.

It may even encourage others to get outside, as well.

Walkers and bikers will be able to use the new trail safely without worrying about automobiles.

The cars have the road, and the rest of us will have the trail.

For too many years, the town has neglected this beautiful area, while other towns in Connecticut have been rediscovering their river frontage for years.

What took so long, New Milford?

Matthew Regan

New Milford