HORSE of Connecticut in Washington will hold a birthday celebration for Fiona and her friend, Gus, Saturday, March 25 from 10 a.m. to noon.

A rain date of March 26 is planned.

Fiona is a Registered Thoroughbred mare that was rescued as a starvation case in 2013. Due to complications from her former neglect, Fiona can no longer be ridden.

Available for sponsor, she loves treats and going for hand walks on the trails.

Gift suggestions would include horse cookies, carrots, apples and granola bars.

In addition, monetary donations are welcome: $175 toward her spring shots, $180 for monthly medications, $150 for her wardrobe or $125 for a blanket.

Gus, a Registered Thorougbred gelding, will also participate in the festivities.

Gus came to the farm last spring with a condition called kissing spine.

Through treatment and conditioning, Gus is now able to be ridden but must have a rider under 130 pounds.

Gus is available for lease or adoption to an experienced rider, and he loves all the same snacks that Fiona does.

During the celebration, Fiona and Gus will perform in the ring, and there will be a tour of the farm at noon.

In addition, a tack sale will be offered.

For more information, call the farm at Wilbur Road at 860-868-1960.