The Gunnery, a private school in Washington, is preparing to release its strategic plan this winter.

To that end, the school has been realigning some responsibilities for existing teachers and administrators and welcoming some new faces with plan enhancing skills.

Carolyn Conto Ross, a longtime Washington resident who came to the school last year, has moved the Center for Academic Support to the center of campus and has added a service to the faculty of advising them on teaching methods for alternative learning styles.

A new director of counseling, Dr. Brian Konik, has been appointed and will be working closely with the Dean of Students Office as well as on the Emergency Preparedness Team.

Veteran faculty Alison Frye has been named as the new director of sustainability and will be working with the business office and the Administrative Council as well as with her students. Sara Lynn Leavenworth, Director of Admissions, is redesigning the admissions space to take advantage of the heritage of the Bourne Reading Room and, thereby, enable additional interview offices in the process.

Michel Williams, a Washington resident, is the new director of projects and safety and security in the business office.

With the retirements of former Director of Advancement Tom Hollinger and Language Arts Chair Karen Lincoln, two prime sources of institutional memory and 61 years of combined experience have left big holes to fill.

New hires for teaching include Melissa Schomers, English and head coach of boys’ crew; Peter Ganem, teaching fellow in English and history; Scott Schereschewsky, a member of the class of 1976, mathematics; Dr. Christopher Ciarleglio, science; Michael Yurgeles, visual arts; Sarah Albright, Spanish; Lindsey Dirats, French and Spanish; and Hannah Gorman, French.

New hires for administration include Ian Boldt, assistant director of admissions; Suzanne Day, associate director of admissions; and Kiernan Joyce, assistant director of admissions and head coach of girls’ hockey.

Shane Gorman, hockey rink and turf manager and social media coordinator, has been hired for the athletics department.

Michel Williams has been named project manager and director of safety and security in the business office.