The Gunnery, a private school in Washington, launched its new school year Sept. 11 with a convocation ceremony.

Senior Master Ed Small held the Gunnery mace and led the faculty into the meetinghouse of the First Congregational Church.

Students joined parents, friends and faculty in the meetinghouse.

Head of School Peter Becker began with a call for a moment of silence in honor of those who died on 9/11.

Chris Baudo, dean of students, introduced the new head prefect, Ataman Ugur of the class of 2016.

Ugur welcomed the 101 new students, new faculty and guests.

Chapin Miller, academic dean, named the top scholars from the 2014-15 school year.

Top scholars are Evan Johnson of California, named the top scholar for the entire school and for the incoming senior class; Gabrielle Bruck of New Milford, was named top scholar for the incoming junior class; and Mark Choi of Korea, was named top scholar for the incoming sophomore class.

Faculty chairs, held for three years, were awarded.

Alisa Croft, holder of the Tisch Chair for Excellence in Teaching, ceded her chair to Amy Paulekas, assistant academic dean; Andy Richards, holder of the Hamilton Gibson Chair for the Humanities ceded his chair to Richard Martin, English chairman; and the Noto Family Chair for Dedicated Service was awarded to Ed Small, senior master. The Noto chair had been held by Karen Lincoln, who retired last year.

The annual Class of 1955 Distinguished Teacher Award for Emerging Excellence was presented to Katy Varga of the English Department.