Every year during spring vacation, the boys’ baseball team at The Gunnery in Washington makes the trip to Florida to hold their spring training alongside the professionals.

This year, students were excited to have Justin Dunn, a member of the private school’s class of 2013, who was drafted by the Mets last year, come to their games and contribute his expertise to their training.

Dunn talked with the students and coaches about professional baseball and what his time at The Gunnery was like.

He worked with some of the Gunnery pitchers, including senior Ryan LaMay, who said that it was one of the highlights of his experience in Florida.

LaMay will be playing at Sacred Heart University next year and this was his first time at spring training.

“Spring training was a great chance to get to know the other players on the team and for us to work together on our chemistry,” LaMay said.

“Justin helped me work on a new changeup that I’m using now,” he said. “It’s working really well. He also gave me some helpful insight on how to balance college and baseball next year.”

“You would think, at a school like ours, the team wouldn’t need the time away to bond, but they do,” said Jeff Trundy, boys’ varsity baseball head coach. “Spending a week together 24/7 and sharing their passion for baseball makes a difference.”

Andrew Romanella, of the school’s class of 2009, assistant head coach at Mount Saint Vincent College, was also in Florida with his team and stopped by practice one day to catch up with the coaches and talk to the current players.

The team also had the chance to watch him coach his team one afternoon.

The Gunnery team had a busy week of practicing, scrimmages and watching professional teams play up close.

“We went to a Mets vs. Cardinals game and saw Tim Tebow play,” said senior Kyle Searles. “We scrimmaged three teams and won all of those games. The seniors also were able to coach a JV game, which was really fun too.”