ASAP! In Washington, which serves Northwestern Connecticut, has received a $5,000 grant from the Connecticut Community Foundation in support of its Metamorphosis Project at the Children's Community School in Waterbury.

The Metamorphosis Project is a fully interactive program that partners with Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition, ASAP! teaching artist Jenna Robb and CCS school teachers and administrators to weave arts and creative learning experiences with environmental and academic curricula.

The project provides the opportunity for students to understand their identity as writers, artists, scientists, and engineers through specially designed projects in and out of the classroom.

The project will kick off with professional development for CCS teachers with Jenna Robb.

Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition will visit CCS to prepare students and faculty for a field trip to the Trolley Bed Preserve in Woodbury, where their explorations will take off.

Once at the site, students will learn about Connecticut endangered species, study stream ecology, collect river samples and analyze data.

When students return to the classroom, they will use their field work experiences to inform design and engineering assignments, and to fuel writing, and activism projects.

They will study human and self-identity through animal and plant adaptation and invent scenarios for fictitious animals and places.

They will also work collaboratively and individually, illustrating their designs using pencil and brush techniques, dyeing and stamping, camouflage, and fossil-making.

Also, students will study human impact on the earth through forces and motion.

They will build environmentally-friendly rescue vehicles, first drafting their ideas on paper, then creating models with recycled materials.

Through these applications, participants will begin to understand their own impact on planet Earth and their power to create positive change.

These multidimensional, hands-on experiences will teach the connection between art, science, math, nature, and empathy.

Each year, ASAP!’s Metamorphosis Project culminates in a final exhibit for the school community where student creations are shared, explorations and discoveries are examined and celebrated, and questions about identity are answered.

This year a special exhibit will be extended at the Ion Bank at 910 Wolcott St. in Waterbury.

ASAP! is a social profit arts organization that reaches 9,000-plus children a year throughout Connecticut.

The organization is celebrating 20 years of fostering creative, hands-on learning through the arts.

For more information, visit or call 860-868-0740.