GoodWorks Insurance, which has an office in New Milford, recently sponsored an inclusion and leadership workshop in Litchfield.

Nearly 90 Litchfield sixth-grade students participated in the Nov. 22 workshop provided by the leadership team of the Discovery Center, a nonprofit in Farmington founded in 1992 by actors Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

"We're so pleased to be teaming up with the Discovery Center to keep this excellent program alive for students in Litchfield," said GoodWorks vice president Nat Worden.

Students gathered at the Warner Theater's Center for Arts Education to engage in a series of interactive, student-centered activities that introduced participants to leadership, inclusion, and effective communication skills.

After this initial leadership workshop, students will participate in a followup workshop in April to expand their learning, continuing discussions about diversity, inclusion and leadership skills for the 21st century.

The Discovery Center began working with the Litchfield school community two years ago through funding provided by the Inter-district Cooperative Grant from the state Department of Education.

However, due to recent cutbacks in funding, it was expected the partnership between the Discovery Center and Litchfield Intermediate School would end.

True to its name and charitable mission, GoodWorks Insurance stepped up to fill the gap in funding to make this year's program possible.

"Learning to accept and celebrate diversity and lead others to do so as well is a crucial piece of any educational curriculum that is preparing young people to thrive in today's world, and promoting education is the cornerstone of GoodWorks' philanthropic mission," Worden said.