GoodWorks Insurance recently made its first GoodWorks grant in New Milford as part of the firm's commitment to give at least half its annual operating profits to community-based nonprofit organizations tackling issues in the areas of education, health care and public safety.

The firm, which recently merged with the venerable New Milford Insurance Agency, run by Jim Kick, gave a cash donation of $5,000 along with a set of computer work stations, to the New Milford public schools valued at $12,500 (total value of $17,500).

"This will enable us to add a row of computer labs to the media center at the Hill and Plain Elementary School, which is something we have been wanting to do here for a long time," said Dan DiVito, director of technology for the school district.

"This donation is one example of one of the major reasons I was excited to partner with GoodWorks," said Kick. "It's a top-notch insurance agency with a real commitment to supporting communities like ours."

"The GoodWorks model appeals to business owners and consumers that are seeking a better alternative for their insurance needs," said GoodWorks chairman Chad Yonker, "one that is truly dedicated to their local economy and the well-being of their community.

"We're very pleased to be calling the great town of New Milford our home these days," he said, "and we'll continue looking for ways to contribute to all the wonderful efforts that are underway here to strengthen the community."

The firm is accepting applications from other local nonprofit organizations interested in a GoodWorks grant.

Those interested may contact Nat Worden at 860-633-0241, ext. 117, email or visit