The Glenholme School in Washington is honoring its essential employees through weekly “Thanks for Being Awesome” celebrations.

The celebrations are held on campus Fridays at 6:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to ensure frontline staff on all shifts are recognized.

During the inaugural celebration on May 1, team members - wearing face masks and practicing social distancing - served coffee and donuts to their colleagues in the morning, and held a food fest featuring a variety of tasty treats in the afternoon.

“We wanted to show our frontline staff, who are absolutely awesome how much we value and appreciate their hard work and dedication during this challenging time,” said Glenholme School People Operations Manager Jackie Ross.

“Each week, we do something different to honor, and engage with, our team members,” Ross said. “We’ve served meals and distributed homemade goodie bags filled with candy, pretzels and a T-shirt.”

“Our employees love connecting with colleagues they haven’t seen in a while, and we plan to keep the celebrations going all year long,” she said.