Glenholme Transition Program available

The Glenholme School, a boarding school for young people with special needs in Washington, is accepting applications for its 2016-17 Transition Program designed to help individuals prepare for college, careers and independent life after graduating high school.

The program has several immediate openings available for young people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other learning differences.

Transition students receive the necessary support to strengthen their life skills through vocational and academic opportunities not afforded in many post-secondary educational settings.

The program offers classes and other instructional opportunities.

Students will benefit from courses in Independent and Healthy Living, Money Management, Executive Functioning, Healthy Relationships and Time Management. Many choose vocations and have interned at veterinary offices, automotive shops, child care settings, hardware stores, bakeries and restaurants. Glenholme continuously develops methods to change lives and nurture human potential by delivering quality programs designed to help students with disabilities graduate high school and find success in adulthood.

For more information, call 860-868-7377.