Sophia Gillece, soon to be a third-grader, of New Milford continues to give back to her community. Earlier this year, she made homemade cards to distribute the doctors, nurses and other staff working at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Last summer, she set up a lemonade stand and sold some of her toys, making $130 which she donated to New Milford Hospital’s cancer center in memory of her grandfather. The last two weekends she set up another lemonade stand and raised money for the town’s homeless shelter. “We have meet a few of the homeless people who live in town and always give them food or gift cards,” Sophia’s mother, Amy, said. “Sophia has a huge heart and is always looking to help anyone.” In addition to the recent lemonade stand, Sophia continues to make homemade hand sanitizer to distribute for free to first responders. Sophia plans to organize a lemonade stand twice each summer and donate the funds to a local charity. She is shown above with Police Chief Spencer Cerruto and another officer.