The gated garden is among the many beautiful features at Harrybrooke Park in New Milford.

Much love, care and time goes into making and maintaining the garden’s beauty.

Michelle Gentile has many roles. She is leader of Girl Scout Troop 40206, as well a mother and wife who helps her husband, Sam, run a business.

In addition, she is the lead gardener of the park’s garden.

The position is 100 percent volunteer, as she is at the park throughout the week with an assembled team of gardeners to beautify the garden.

On any given day, Gentile and her team can be seen weeding, planting and performing overall maintenance.

In this, her first year in the role, she went even further with her giving.

The Girl Scouts of Troop 40206 and their younger colleagues with Troop 40074 recently donated two flats of fresh flowers and $150 worth of mulch, collectively.

They then planted the flowers and placed the mulch.

“To see these kids take the time and to care enough to do this for the park touches our hearts," said Park Executive Director Billy Buckbee.

“Michelle is just a ball of energy to do all she does,” he said. “We are so very impressed that she can not only do the job, but rally friends and new volunteers.”

“That would be more than enough, but she brought the kids in which teaches a new generation that cultivating the garden is similar to cultivating communities like New Milford,” he said. “Put in the time, don't be afraid to work and take ownership. This lesson is so very important and we cannot thank Michelle and her team enough."

This project was completed just one day before the first wedding of the 2019 season was held in the garden.

"Every guest at the wedding commented on how amazing the garden looked and it's with great pride that we say the garden is sustained 100% by volunteers to the park,” Buckbee said.

For more information, or to volunteer to help Gentile and Harrybrooke Park, visit or call 860-799-6520.