George Barnett, Democrat

Age: 58.

Spouse: Lynn.

Children: Clara, 23, and George 21.

Incumbent or first-time candidate: First-time candidate for this office.

Occupation: Small business manager for 20 years.

Number of years as a New Milford resident: 19 years.

Education: He holds a B.S. in marketing from CCSU and was an active CPA in the past.

Past and present political and community experience: Member of Pension Committee and New Milford Democratic Town Committee. Served on the Board of Finance.

What are the three most important issues facing the town related to the office being sought, and what are your proposed solutions to each?

The main issue that I see for the Board of Assessment Appeals is to make sure that all taxpayers in New Milford pay the correct amount in relation to the fair value of the asset being taxed: Get as much information about each case as possible to make a fair and reasonable judgment about the assessed value of the asset in question.

Fiscal responsibility: The current mayor has done a great job at cutting fat from the town budget and keeping taxes low. He has earned another term in office.

School funding: We are in the bottom 10 percent in the state when it comes to per student spending on education and I would like to see this improve. We can do this by growing the tax base and keeping costs as low as possible in the town budget.