Local author and therapist Karren Garrity has created an interactive, Web-based program based on the strategies of her book, "The Tool Box: Building Better Relationships."

The new program will individually coach parents through many issues of raising preteens and teenagers.

"Each person is independently guided through the tools," Garrity said. "Each section of this workbook allows participants to privately share family situations, and ask confidential questions. I also provide additional resources, including guidelines, action plans, links to pertinent info, as well as the opportunity for direct dialogue. We all need clearer ways to talk with each other, identify core issues, navigate conflict and embrace compromise. We need to experiment with new tools, as well as improve techniques with the tools we already have. Raising children is an ongoing process; they change and we change. What works for one child might not work for another, and what worked when that child was 15 doesn't necessarily work at 16."

Garrity said the tools will "show you how to have useful and productive communication with teens and how to navigate through the difficult times of conflict."

The author has a private practice in Kent; facilitates psychoeducational groups for elementary and high school students; and offers mother and daughter workshops, as well as workshops on parenting and conflict resolution, and adolescent orientation seminars for high school teachers.

For information about the author or the program, visit www.TheToolBoxProgram.net.