Kent resident Karren Garrity has announced the publication of her new book, "The Tool Box: Tricks of the Trade for Raising Teenagers."

The book focuses on the challenges of raising teenagers and offers specific skills that will allow people to build successful, strong and positive relationships with the adolescents in their lives.

The hands-on book provides a variety of approaches and specific "tools," designed to increase the range of possibilities that can help with raising teenagers.

" The Tool Box" offers tricks of the counseling trade; practical strategies used by many therapists to help parents, mentors and teachers.

"Raising children is an ongoing process; they change and we change," the author said. "What works for one child might not work for another, and what worked when that child was 15 doesn't necessarily work at 16."

The tools offered in the book will "show you how to have useful communication with teens; identify the core issues; prepare to prioritize needs and wants; and finally, how to navigate through the difficult times of conflict," Ms. Garrity said.

Ms. Garrity earned a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and a M.S. in counseling from Western Connecticut State University. She has a private practice in Kent.

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