The Peter Lawrence Gallery in Gaylordsville will present Sculpture Fest 2012, featuring art, music and other activities, every weekend May 12 through June 17.

Participating gallery aritsts will include Suzanne Benton, Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong, Dalton Ghetti, Michael Johnston, Derek Ulhman and Patricia Warfield. Participating outdoor artists will include Jan Abt, Jennifer Andrea, Cindy Booth, David Boyajian, Steven Brooks, Margie Cohen, Jim Felice, Denis Folz, Lannie Hart, Peter Holmberg, David McNeil, M. Meken-Silvestri, Justin Perlman, Richard Pitts, Judy Rowley and Marcia Spivak.

Tickets are available at the gallery at 703 Kent Road (Route 7). Call 203-746-5533 or 860-799-0232, email or visit