Kent Memorial Library is presenting an exhibit, “Then and Now,” featuring works by South Kent artist Thomas Franken through June 30.

The show features a retrospective of more than 50 years of his artwork.

An innovative and imaginative artist and designer, Franken’s portfolio encompasses oil paintings, silk-screen prints, collages, greeting cards, designs in wood and graphic arts.

The next exhibit, “Spaces, Places and Faces: Encaustic Paintings,” will run July 1 through Aug. 31.

A reception will be held July 8 from 2 to 4 p.m.

The show will feature works by South Kent artist Linda Petrocine, who grew up on a farm in South Dakota and was keenly aware of atmospheric changes: the approaching rain, wind, tornadoes and snow.

“Over the years I’ve painted with many different mediums,” the artist said. “Fifteen years ago I took a workshop and fell in love with encaustic. The luminosity, the sheerness of the layered bees’ wax and the varied applications make it perfect for expressing emotion and atmosphere.

“Plus, the scent reminds me of my old summer job at the honey factory four miles from our farm,” she said.

On a historic note, the most famous examples of encaustic art are the Fayum Portraits found on mummies in the pyramids.

Petrocine is certified by RF Paints as an Encaustic Instructor and will be offering a workshop at Washington Art Association July 22.

For more information and reception registration, call the Main Street library at 860-927-3761.