NEW MILFORD — The owners of the former Volkswagen dealership in Northville are before the Zoning Commission requesting a zone change to B-2, a business zone.

The dealership was in place since 1950 and legally pre-existing non-conforming in its present R-40, residential zone. The property owners, Charles and Jean Orr want the zone change to expand the possibilities for sale of the 1.9 acre parcel and existing building. The dealership closed in the spring.

Zoning Enforcement Officer Laura Regan said use as a car dealership remains legally non-conforming and could continue but the most recent display area on the building was in violation of the previously approved site plan. Any new dealer would have to comply with what is approved.

If the zone is changed to B-2, the property will also be located in the Litchfield Road Corridor District and subject to requirements of Chapter 103 of the town’s Zoning regulations.

The public hearing before Zoning continues Nov. 24 at 7 p.m. in the Loretta Brickley Room of Town Hall.