To the Editor:

The awful attacks on small children and their brave teachers will stay in our minds forever.

As Gov. Malloy said, "evil visited this community."

And so in Sandy Hook, a small peaceful part of Newtown, bloody horror came to innocents and will be remembered always.

This has prompted me to speak out about a scene I witnessed a few weeks ago in New Milford.

I was in line at a cash register in a store on Route 7 and the man in front of me was buying a rifle.

In a somewhat apologetic tone, the cashier asked him for his license for verification of his identity. He complied, paid for his purchase and left.

I can only hope background checks had been performed and the mandatory 14-day waiting period was done.

It seems no more is required of us as citizens than this casual approach to owning a killing weapon. Is this really who we are now in America? Are we really so fearful we have to arm ourselves and not rely on all the other safeguards around us?

Until you are hit in the face with a tragedy like the one Dec. 14, you don't realize -- it lives among us.

For the love we bear our children and friends, let us review and correct our stupidly lax gun laws. It is sorely needed.

Arlene Hoffman