To the Editor:

Quite a number of years ago, I read in the News-Times about a mural discovered in the Banana Republic store in Westport.

Following are the words on the postcards of the mural, which were being given away by the store:

"The mural was painted by Edmund Ashe Jr. in the 1930s, to decorate the wall behind the bar in a Westport tavern. It suffered damage due to a fire in the 1950s and subsequently was covered with dry wall. In 1999 it was rediscovered and restored by the Banana Republic."

I took some drawing lessons from Edd for a while and found him to be a good teacher and delightful man.

How well I remember the Ashe Can in the New Milford Times and the phone call I received one Friday evening.

He had a weekly Rebus contest and I had won. The next day, I went down to the Good Sport to claim my Woolrich red and black buffalo plaid shirt.

Of course, when we read the information about the mural many years later, we drove to Westport to see it.

When the sad news of the death of Shrdlu, Edd Ashe's son, appeared in the papers, I was reminded of the above. I called the Banana Republic.

Yes, the mural is still there and no, there are no postcards. However, anyone can take pictures.

I am very fortunate to have a few of the postcards of the mural, which is absolutely charming.

Bit of history here, yes?

A drive to Westport should be on the agenda of anyone who remembers Edd.

There is also interesting information about both him and his son, Shrdlu, on the Internet, should you want to "Google" them.

Judy Burroughs

New Milford