Ted Anderson, father of Judith Anderson of Arizona, formerly from New Milford, was raised and worked in New Milford his entire life. Born in September 1913, Ted grew up on a farm that is now under Candlewood Lake. His father, Fred Anderson, who was born in New Milford in 1885, and grandfather, John (aka Andrew) Anderson, who was born in Sweden and emigrated to America in 1883, farmed in the area until their deaths. Although there is a sign in the picture referring to a New York contractor, the picture is believed to have been taken in the area and features local residents. Ted and his close friends were skilled carpenters and craftsmen. The photo was in Ted’s photo album. Anyone who may have information about the individuals in the photograph or the location of the building, or who has a “Flashback” photograph to submit, is asked to contact Deborah Rose atdrose@newstimes.com.