Five farms do business on preserve land

Wayne Woodard, Sunny Valley Preserve manager in New Milford and Bridgewater, said there is a big focus on farming these days.

There are more farms in Connecticut now than there were 10 years ago because of "the local food movement, a good barrel for oil and the fact people are interested in putting back into community," he said.

"People want to be responsible," he noted.

Following are the preserve's properties and the farms operated on each:


Sunny Valley Farm: Bill and Bonnie Weed's Roxbrook Farm, a 150-acre farm on Sunny Valley Lane, where they produce locally-grown livestock forages and bedding.

Sunny Valley South: John Avalone's J & S Farm, a 35-acre property at 164 Sunny Valley Road, on the sharp curve on the south end of Sunny Valley Road, where he farms beef cattle and farm fresh eggs and more.

Fort Hill Farm: Rebecca Batchie and Paul Bucciaglia's 20-acre Fort Hill Farm, where they grow more than 48 varieties of certified organic vegetables that are all locally marketed.


Drumlin Hill Farm: Felice Weed leases the 60-acre Nature View Farm, where she has started to develop a small dairy herd and beef herd, and she has free-range chicken and a farmstand.

Schaghticoke Farm: The Stuart family operates the 175-acre Stuart Family Farm, where they produce natural, grass-fed beef, free-range poultry and natural-fed pork, and run a farmstand.