The Kent Historical Society will hold its next Sunday Series program, “The First Great Awakening, Fervor and Ferment,” on Sunday at 2 p.m.

The program, which will take place at Kent Town Hall on Kent Green Boulevard, will feature Thomas Key, of Salisbury, who is an instructor for the Taconic Learning Center and a speaker at the Scoville Library, and has given over 75 lectures on a number of historical topics.

The series lectures have been designed to give context to the Kent Historical Society’s 2017 exhibit, “The Founders of Kent,” on the emergence of one New England town in the 18th century.

The exhibit and related Sunday Series events are sponsored by the Kent Barns and the Kent Lions Club.

In the 1730s, a wave of religious revivals, sponsored by the established clergy of the Reformed Churches, swept the colonies.

The fervor disrupted the connection between church and state in New England.

The revivals involved extreme emotional displays by the thousands of people who heard the sermons of Jonathan Edwards and various itinerant preachers.

Though there was little lasting impact on the religious commitment of the colonies, the ideas presented probably moved the colonies closer to declaring independence from Great Britain.

Key studied engineering, was a flight officer in the U.S. Navy and retired as a commander in the U.S. Naval Reserves.

Admission is free for members and $5 for nonmembers.

For information, call 860-927-4587 or visit the organization’s website.