A fire at Camp Getaway along South Kent Road caused significant cabin damage on July 31.

Eric Epstein, the chief of the Kent Volunteer Fire Deparment, said the fire was limited to small camp cabins clustered close together.

One cabin was completely destroyed, a second had heavy damage and a third absorbed minor damage to its siding.

Seven people were in the first cabin when the fire broke out -- a counselor and mid-teen campers. All were safely evacuated.

"The cabins are in close proximity," Epstein said. "So the fire spread quickly from one cabin to the next. We were able to keep the third cabin with only very minor damage to siding on one side of cabin.

"The scene was under control in 35 minutes."

Club Getaway is a private campground.

The fire was under investigation by the Kent fire marshal's office and the state fire marshal was expected to pay a visit.

Club Getaway is a 300-acre property alongside Leonard Pond, located at 59 South Kent Road.