Ted Wojciechowski knows wood.

The South Kent resident knows the feel and balance of a perfectly completed farm table, the look and proportions of fine cabinetry, and the best way to repair an antique desk and maintain its authenticity.

The nephew of a boat builder and grandson of woodworkers, Mr. Wojciechowski, 49, has worked with wood "forever, it seems."

A Bridgewater native and graduate of Shepaug Valley High School, he now has a shop called South Kent Cabinetry LLC.

"Woodworking is something that feels natural for me," he said. "I enjoy the satisfaction of meeting a customer's need, of solving a problem by creating a piece that just fits into a certain space in a customer's home."

Mr. Wojciechowski works alone, while his wife, Vanessa Byrne, does the bookkeeping end of the business.

His projects vary from creating a reproduction of a Shaker-style cherry dresser to building a set of mahogany French doors for a patio entrance. Most recently, he repaired an oak family-heirloom curio shelf.

"I recently trusted Ted to add braces to a glorious knickknack shelf that my husband's grandfather had made," said Shauna Holiman, an artist who lives on Lake Waramaug. "It had beautiful German curly cues and was very fragile."

Ms. Holiman wanted to place some leather-bound books she had on the shelf but was concerned the piece would not support the books weight.

"Ted made some braces and I couldn't see where he'd done the work. The piece looked authentic and beautiful," Ms. Holiman said.

From installing stained glass into wood frames, to creating wood sections in sculptures Ms. Holiman has sculpted, Mr. Wojciechowski has done many fine-work projects at the artist's home. He redid the entire kitchen in the house, from cabinets to counters.

"Ted can do anything with wood," Ms. Holiman said.

"I think of myself as being versatile," Mr. Wojciechowski said. "I'll build a kitchen or fix one broken drawer in your existing cabinet."

Like everything in today's economy, the price of wood has gone up, he said, but the market still allows for pricing so there is something possible for anyone in hand-done woodwork.

South Kent Cabinetry LLC can be reached by calling 860-927-3478. Farm tables fashioned by Mr. Wojciechowski are on sale at Common Threads, a quilt shop on Route 202 in Marble Dale.