Finds cause to praise 'the Bridgewater I know'

To the Editor:

I read with wondering eyes a letter from a New Milford resident describing Bridgewater as a town adrift with only gated homes and nothing happening save an annual tractor parade.

While it is true we need to revitalize our commercial areas, we are working on that and, no matter which way the "wet vs. dry" vote goes, we will come up with a solution.

The rest of the descriptive needs to be addressed.

First off, we have many modest homes quite unlike what was described.

Second, besides our famed tractor parade, the third weekend of every August, our volunteers feed and entertain many thousands of people at our historic Bridgewater Country Fair.

We have Roots Rock concerts in the winter as well as "O Silent Night" at the Burnham Library.

We mow our fields in July so all can enjoy the massive fireworks display put on the Fourth of July at the generosity of the Mays.

Our pavilion is in constant use with weddings, birthday, dances and other celebrations.

We are home to the state's new boat ramp and thus are host to hundreds of avid boaters.

Alas, what you don't see are the private parties with booksignings by Bridgewater authors, themed parties and celebrations.

Speeding through our town (and please don't do that) will not reveal we are a very active and social community.

Finally, I wish the letter writer who described a mythical Bridgewater would read an essay the late Pulitzer Prize Author Theodore White wrote concerning the wonderful transformation that occurs in him when he crosses the bridge and returns to his home in Bridgewater.

You can get a copy at the Burnham Library. That is the Bridgewater I know.

Larry Neary